Snuffer’s History

In 1978, the first Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar opened in the Lower Greenville area of Dallas. Renowned for our signature menu of legendary burgers and famous original cheddar fries, we pride ourselves in fresh, scratch-made products throughout our kitchens. All of our burgers are fresh – never frozen – 100% ground chuck and cooked to order. Our chicken fingers are hand-breaded and fried to golden perfection. And, each order of our original cheddar fries are topped with freshly grated aged Wisconsin cheddar cheese over our hand-cut Idaho potato fries.

Over the years, our menu offerings have grown to include full Dinner Platters featuring hand-battered Black Angus Chicken Fried Steak, Grilled Chicken, Chicken Fried Chicken, specialty sandwiches, wraps, entrée Salads – and a full drink menu featuring specialty cocktails and innovative libations. We also feature imaginative new burgers monthly to keep our products offerings as fresh as the ingredients we bring in house.

Through all of our growth and expansion, the original concept still remains intact: to serve the absolute freshest, most flavorful casual menu at family friendly, affordable prices.

Snuffer’s. The Original Better Burger.®

The Snuffer's Ghost

Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar is world-famous for its legendary Burgers and Cheddar Fries, but the iconic brand is also known for ghostly encounters at its original location on Lower Greenville Avenue in Dallas, TX. Since its founding in 1978, employees and diners alike have reported eerily similar spooky stories and occurrences.

The original Snuffer’s location, which opened in an old pool hall, has been the scene of countless ghoulish run-ins, making for unforgettable dining experiences. Accounts of chilling air, ghostly figures appearing, objects levitating, glasses falling off countertops, echoing voices, doors creaking, and the sound of footsteps are some of the most common tales. The spirits are noticed most when all is quiet and still before and after business hours. However, some guests have reported witnessing and hearing the friendly ghosts.

Two sets of ghosts roam the lively Snuffer’s halls. Their stories are very different, but both find common ground at the restaurant. One claims the paranormal phenomena is the result of a murder at the old pool hall in the 1970s. The other alleges Snuffer’s sits on an old children’s cemetery. When all is quiet, employees have reported hearing giggling coming from the back area of the restaurant.

Despite the original building being demolished in 2013, the ghosts have stuck around, still making appearances in the newly renovated space. Once rebuilt, many of the original decorative elements were added back including antique booths, old chairs and framed pictures. Many believe the nostalgic items have kept the ghosts feeling at home.

Bradley Anderson, District Manager, Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar, has seen and heard a lot of unexplained things during his 25 years with the company.

“The stories and experiences that have been passed down from generation to generation are just as spooky today as they were when Snuffer’s first opened,” said Anderson.

While the stories may leave you with goose bumps and a shiver up your spine, there is no reason to be frightened. The Ghosts of Snuffer’s tend to be friendly. They generally leave guests and staff alone, only making their presence known by movements and noises.

Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar has been welcoming back guests – even the ghosts – since 1978. The eerie encounters truly give this original location an atmosphere that cannot be replicated. It seems that the famous Cheddar Fries and legendary Burger menu have everyone hooked, including a group of spirits.


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Snuffer’s offers a wide range of career opportunities in a dynamic restaurant environment.

We are always looking for dedicated individuals with a passion for the restaurant industry to help us contribute to our vision of “The Premier Brand of Brands.”

We celebrate the professionalism and diversity of our people and are always searching for bright minds that are passionate about customer service, fairness, leadership and honesty. Work in a rewarding, team-oriented, high volume, fast paced, guest-centric environment to fulfill our guests craving for a refreshing dining experience.

Typical positions at Snuffer’s include: Server, Bartender, Grill Cook, Prep Cook, Busser, Dishwasher, Restaurant Manager, General Manager

We offer competitive benefits and rewarding opportunities, from entry-level positions to management. There are plenty of other rewards for full or part-time employees, including: Great pay, Meal discounts, Paid vacation, 401(k) plan, Flexible schedules, Fun, friendly team environment, Training aimed at advancement, Recognition for achievement

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Equal Employment Opportunity
Snuffer’s Restaurants, LLC, is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis race, color, religion, gender, sex, national origin, age (over 40) or disability. Equal opportunity applies to hiring, orientation, training, employee development, promotion, transfer, compensation, benefits, layoff and recall, social programs, employee facilities, termination, and retirement. You are required to follow this policy in your dealings with guests, visitors, vendors, and all employees.

All employees are treated fairly and consistently with respect to compensation, working conditions, benefits, privileges of employment, and opportunities for advancement including training, promotion, and transfer.